Matching Miriam

If you loved Officer Miriam Marty in the Maggie Trilogy, you’re going to want to read this one…I always thought Miriam deserved her own spin-off tale, so let’s watch Miriam do her thing.


What happens when Officer Miriam Marty shields her heart from the past and comes face to face with a serial killer? The plain and simple answer is trouble; but with Miriam Marty, there’s always more to the story and it’s never simple. 
Miriam bleeds integrity with a tough as nails exterior that permits only a few trusted people inside of her world. After spending years building up the walls that have sheltered Miriam from her past, Jesse, the only man she’s ever loved, makes an unexpected return back to Miriam’s home town. 
Jesse has acquired all of the necessary skills for keeping relationships at bay. His new job as a fireman finds him returning to a place he once called home. What should be a sentimental homecoming turns into disaster for his heart when he finds old feelings stirred up, stronger than ever, for Miriam. 
Miriam questions her own sanity as sleepless nights find her hunting the Decade Hunter, believing it to be the most challenging case of her career. She soon discovers that resisting Jesse at every turn proves even more difficult than the daunting task of chasing down a serial killer at large. 
In plain sight lies the façade of a man who has played them all for fools, educating Miriam on a lesson she’s failed miserably at in her past–trust. Trust, not only in the game of love, but in laying one’s trust down in the safe cocoon we all find comfort in –only to have it blown apart in a heartbeat.