Teaser Tuesday sneak peek: Naomi


Teaser Tuesday! Naomi- a paranormal mystery coming soon by Mya O’Malley…
“What is it?” Bryce came to her side, pulling her up from her chair.
It was her worst fear. Bryce was such a prideful, stubborn man.

“Promise me that you won’t be placing yourself in danger. It’s one thing for me, I have to do this…“
“I’m not leaving alone you to scrap it out with an evil spirit. What are you saying here?”
“I’m saying that if something happens to you, Holly will be without her father. I won’t have that on my hands.”
She watched him clench his jaw and knew he was battling this out in his head.
“Damn you,” he conceded. ” But, hell, will you just get rid of him already?”

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